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World-class services

We have helped clients of all sizes from early stage startups to Fortune 500 companies across a diverse set of industries.

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Data Science and

We offer end-to-end data science and analytics service from formulation of strategies to implementation, deployment, scaling and support. We provide analyses of your business and product operations to help inform your long term strategies and daily operations.

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AI and Machine

From concept to implementation, we help companies put AI to work. Whether it’s building a new AI algorithm to power autonomous vehicles or building AI that could outperform humans in certain functions, we have the skills and expertise to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

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Data Engineering and

We help provide guidance and implement complex data and backend system infrastructure. We help you optimize cost of development and maintenance based on your needs. Sometimes you just need a working solution asap; whereas other times, scalability and extensibility becomes very important.

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Data Acquisition and

We provide data acquisition and enrichment services to help build and improve your machine learning models at scale. We understand that machine learning models are only as good as their training data.

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Data Labeling

We help your AI learn what humans see, hear, or think with our data labeling service. We help you generate highly accurate labels for a collection of data that you can use in machine learning models. Labeling your training data is the first step in the machine learning development cycle.

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