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Services and Expertise | Data Labeling

Data Labeling

Help your AI learn what humans see, hear, or think with our data labeling service. We help you generate highly accurate labels for a collection of data that you can use in machine learning models. Labeling your training data is the first step in the machine learning development cycle.

Our data labeling service is a comprehensive process to convert unlabeled data into the necessary training data.

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Data Annotation

Whether your data is text, audio, image, or video, we can help you properly categorize and annotate your data for the specific use case you have in mind. For your ML or AI model to be effective, you need large volumes of training data that is of high-quality. Human-annotated data can help build and improve your AI application.

Scalable Data Labeling Processing

We can create flexible data labeling processes that enable you to scale. We provide data labeling services to improve machine learning at scale.You can then iterate on these processes as your needs evolve.

In the real world, the data that your model sees changes every day; so it is crucial to build a scalable, automated training data pipeline to constantly train your model with new information.

Client Testimonials

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People Data Lab Lead at Unilever

Garry has been a huge help to us figuring out how our data modeling will work, and what weaknesses our existing model has. My favorite thing about Garry is that he approaches it from not just the data/programming side, but also the business/ROI side. Will definitely be working with Ample Insight again in the future.

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John Paul

Co-founder & CTO at ClickFlow Inc.

An absolute pleasure to work with Ample Insight. Their professionalism and skill not only contributed to the project’s success but made the entire process enjoyable. We certainly will be working with them again.

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CEO at Reward Jet Inc

The amount of effort and quality that was put into their work is extremely impressive! I highly recommend Garry and team for their expertise in data science and data engineering.

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Chief Operating Officer at Swanwick Sleep

Ample was a tremendous find for our company. They really over-delivered on expertise and everything we asked of them was brought to us on time and of a world-class quality. We've been very fortunate to work with them and they are highly recommended.

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Garry Ma

CEO of Ample Insight

We’re here to help you tackle your most challenging data science and machine learning projects.

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