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Helping Our Clients Succeed

Our client's success is our success. We ALWAYS go above and beyond to ensure that our clients succeed. Here are some examples.

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Client case studies

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Helping Unilever with Major Consumer Product Expansions

Ample Insight helped Unilever expand into several key global consumer product verticals which required large amounts of data aggregation, cleansing, transformation, and analysis. The original delivery roadmap would have taken months, but Ample Insight was able to shorten the delivery timeline to 3-4 days through automation and became Unilever’s preferred outside data science partner.

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Boosting Swanwick’s Traffic Adjusted Revenue By +80%

Due to rapid growth, Swanwick’s existing data management processes prohibited its ability to sustain growth and prevented them from scaling operations. By consolidating all data sources and performing a deep analysis of target profiles, Ample Insight created a 360-degree view of their entire business operations. This increased average order value by +20% and traffic adjusted revenue by +80%.

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Automating Workflows for a Manufacturing ERP SaaS

Ample Insight helped a Silicon Valley-based company build a solution for manufacturers to auto-generate full manufacturing plans and schedules from sales orders. Ample Insight built a fully stateless Python backend application with 20+ software modules and grew the partnership to include end-to-end fullstack engineering and data science services.


Featured Case Study:

Scheduling and Reporting Automation for Enterprise ERP

The client is a Silicon Valley based company building a SaaS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that allows manufacturers and retailers to easily automate existing workflows and resource planning without having to code. The ERP system natively supports sharing, visualization and manipulation of large data sets and advanced analytics without the need for SQL or code.

The client came to us to help them build a solution for manufacturers to auto-generate full manufacturing plans and schedules from sales orders. The solutions had the following requirements:

  • Sales orders would come from global and local apparel brands. The order formats are non-standardized.
  • Manufacturing schedules created from sales orders need to facilitate resource and dependency planning for multiple factories and production lines at once.
  • Material ordering and inventory control need to be automated and optimize for costs.
  • Management approval chains and processes need to be incorporated into the workflow and be configurable.
  • Detailed schedules, Gantt charts, approval documents, and material and process dependency graphs along with other relevant documents need to be auto-generated.

Our deliverables consisted of:

  • A fully stateless Python backend application with 20+ software modules
  • Deployed using Kubernetes and AWS EKS
  • Employed Circle CI for CD/CI
  • Fully automated testing suite using auto-generated test fixtures
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Client Testimonials

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People Data Lab Lead at Unilever

Garry has been a huge help to us figuring out how our data modeling will work, and what weaknesses our existing model has. My favorite thing about Garry is that he approaches it from not just the data/programming side, but also the business/ROI side. Will definitely be working with Ample Insight again in the future.

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John Paul

Co-founder & CTO at ClickFlow Inc.

An absolute pleasure to work with Ample Insight. Their professionalism and skill not only contributed to the project’s success but made the entire process enjoyable. We certainly will be working with them again.

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CEO at Reward Jet Inc

The amount of effort and quality that was put into their work is extremely impressive! I highly recommend Garry and team for their expertise in data science and data engineering.

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Chief Operating Officer at Swanwick Sleep

Ample was a tremendous find for our company. They really over-delivered on expertise and everything we asked of them was brought to us on time and of a world-class quality. We've been very fortunate to work with them and they are highly recommended.